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This guide will help you on how to configure restart messages with Server Messages plugin.

  1. Stop your server
  2. Install Server Messages(*) from Mod Manager under tools section
  3. Go to Configuration Files and edit messages.cfg file with Configuration Editor or Text Editor option
  4. Change your messages and adjust the times regarding your restart schedule task and the rules below
  5. Start your server

When adding restart messages you need to care about this guidelines:

  • Every new message starts on a new line.
  • Schedule Restart Tasks are on 12h format and Restart Messages on 24h format.
  • Messages show on server time, not on your local time, always look at server time when you create the Schedule Restart Task.
  • You can use 'no-loop' for not repeating the message, or 'loop-2' to repeat the message every 2 hours for example.
  • Separate time, message and loop type by tilde (~) character, this means you may not use the tilde character in your messages.
  • You can't have white spaces at the end of the messages or empty white lines, messages will not show.
  • Use the example below if you need to reset your messages.

14:00:00~This message will not repeat, will show at 2PM~no-loop
18:30:00~This message will repeat every 2 hours, will show at 6:30PM~loop-2
20:45:00~This message will repeat every 3 hours, will show at 8:45PM~loop-3
22:50:00~This message will repeat every 4 hours, will show at 10:50PM~loop-4

(*) Some games already have Server Messages installed by default, you can skip this step.

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