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 Scum Server Hosting Coming Soon


Coming soon the game changer Scum

Why Choose Our Scum Server Hosting?

Built in phpMyAdmin

You can edit your database directly from our control panel with our handy phpMyAdmin built in web interface.

Automatic Backups

All of our ROKH servers come with automatic offsite backups which you have access to via our amazing online manager.

Mod Workshop Downloader

You have access to thousands of mods from our easy to use mod workshop download tool. Simply enter the mod id and click download. It could not be made simpler.

Instant Automated Setup

Order now. 24 Hour Refund If you Are Not Satisfied.

Our Scum Hosting Features:

  • phpMyAdmin built into the control panel interface
  • Instant automated server setup
  • Easy to use control panel for ease of use
  • Easy mod updater in one click
  • Switch locations at any time
  • Full FTP access
  • Automated server restarts
  • Always up-to-date game & mod versions
  • Zero lag, low latency
  • Dual CPU Xeon processors
  • TCAdmin Version 2 Control Panel