Hellion Server Hosting

Professional Hellion Server Hosting

Instant Automated Setup

Order now. 24 Hour Refund If you are Not Satisfied.

Our Hellion Hosting Features:

  • Instant automated server setup, be playing in minutes
  • Easy to use control panel for ease of use, even for novice users
  • Workshop Mod Installer and Update Feature when available
  • Switch locations at any time
  • Full FTP access
  • Automated server restarts
  • Easy Updates
  • Zero lag, low latency
  • Dual CPU Xeon processors
  • Easy to use Control Panel

Why Choose Our Hellion Server Hosting?

Full Cross Travel Support

Want a Cross Travel enabled server? we fully support multiple cross travel servers and you can choose different maps and options for both.

Procedural Map Generator

We have a full procedural map generator which is very easy to use. Generate your own random map with ease.

Mod Workshop Downloader

You have access to thousands of mods from our easy to use mod workshop download tool. Simply enter the mod id and click download. It could not be made simpler.

Full Customization and Control

We fully support Steam mod Workshop even custom modifications.

Instant Automated Setup

Order now. 24 Hour Refund If you Are Not Satisfied.

BlackboxServers Hellion server hosting, professional, easy to use and most importantly reliable.

We have many configuration editors to make even novice users experts at configuring their server.