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You will require specific tools to secure building and homes, and some machinery to access water supplies or power buildings. The machinery requires constant maintenance or it will malfunction. A large cache of weapon will be available. A reasonable amount of success has been achieved in using most tools as weapons. You will find it difficult if you get caught up in a situation where your life depends on the ability to use certain weapons. The ability to place window boards very fast without bothering about first powering the structure could be the thin line between life and death.

Basically, all vehicles are in good state. Finding them won’t be a problem but operating them could. We have organized and implemented a large list of parts for all vehicles. The vehicles can be converted to mobile camps, and used to convey all your belongings in their truck beds or truck. It is a bad idea to leave you fully-loaded car unlocked, in the wild. Removing parts of it is necessary to keep it safe. You can store your goods in the truck beds and trunks. You can use some of those piles of old barn wood you find to board up your windows and doors at home. Although carrying many planks in you backpack might be impossible, you can carry all in the trunk of your car or bed of a truck. In this world, the value of vehicles are directly proportional to the value of their weight in gold, it is advisable you take good care of your own.

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You will eat calories and food daily. In this case you need to be pragmatic. A player would certainly not die because he didn’t eat for some hours, but he will become slow. Starvation can lead to death in a matter of days. This is the same for a traveler, with high calories in his diet he is bound to move quicker, aim well, and lift heavier weight.

-Catching little animals (you will be able to set traps for catching little games like moles, rat, squirrel, rabbit, etc.)

-Hunt bigger animals (go on a hunting expedition for bigger animals like fox, deer, etc.)

- Fishing in ponds and lakes (discover fishing ponds and lakes use a crafted or ready-made fishing pole)

- Discover preserved food supplies and canned goods (search for dried and canned goods in all our abandoned homes, stores and buildings)

- Find forage of edibles and wild berries (some are poisonous, you can research them! Edible plants and berries may give you that extra strength you need or they may cause you to throw up or become bloated!

- Activate the well pumps in the buildings to get water or visit streams to fill water bottles.

Maintain Body Temperature

Our island is situated in an area with cold climate and the game will be ready in late fall/early winter. Maintaining your body temperature will be vital for survival.

- Light campfires in the wild

- Power the heating systems installed in the home

- Find a home to maintain your health

- Maintain your physical health

- Bad cuts, limbs, or broken bones will make it difficult for you to survive

- Be mentally alert

- You will risk a mental break down by killing co-players

- Hazy vision, shaky hands, voices audible to only the players


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