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Here is a list of the game servers we host.

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ATLAS - Top Performance GRID Instant setup servers

Enjoy our state of art Server hosting for ATLAS: The ultimate survival MMO of unprecedented scale with 40,000+ simultaneous players in the same world.  BlackBoxServers enjoy instant easy setup of multi scale worlds, with hyper cloud technology for best server FPS and performance the game can offer on its EA stage.

DayZ Standalone

Originally DayZ Standalone was a MOD of the highly popular ARMA series, However, with the popularity of the game the publishers decided to make it a standalone game and that is what they have done.

Be smart be fast but more important don't trust anyone. Get your own  BlackBox DayZ Standalone server today.

Citadel Forged with Fire - Most populer

Do you like to play with fire? Err Magic? Then Citadel Forged with fire offers you a wide range of toys, ehem "magical spells." “You can do some amazing things with a full range magic system: not just combat, but also beast taming, telekinesis, resource collection and much more.

Dark and Night - Top Seller

Dark and Light is a true fantasy sandbox survival MMORPG.  Survive and discorver new places everyday while  competing for best equipments are the major elements of core  gameplay of Dark and Light.


After a century in cryosleep you find yourself stranded amidst the ruins of mankind’s first interstellar colony. Explore derelict ships and stations and harvest raw resources in search of air, fuel and other equipment. Or loot and pillage what you need from other survivors. The choice is yours!

Top Performance BlackWake Servers

Blackwake is a multiplayer naval FPS focused on teamwork and cooperation. Fire the cannons, sink enemy ships or board them with firearms and steel. and yea it is awesome gameplay with friends and family and Staff play it everyday !

7 Days To Die Server Hosting is the Official Server Partner for 7 Days to Die for a reason, Get instant access to a top performing quality 7DTD server now.Full Mod Support and Server Customization. Quick Updates + server tracker and banner generator.

Ark Server Hosting

Your Server Your Rules,Instant automated server setup, be playing in minutes,Cross Travel and procedural map generation both supported,Easy to use control panel for ease of use, even for novice users in addition to Workshop Mod Installer and Update Feature


Conan Exiles Server Hosting

Join over 2000 happy BlackBox customers today.Our Conan Exiles Server Hosting  offers a 24/7 online dedicated ‘Conan Exiles’ server that can be upgraded and downgraded at will depending on your community size and growth.

Arma3 Exile Mod Server Hosting

Welcome to BlackBoxServers Flagship Hosting. Enjoy full control over your A3 Exile server with  full access to your database, to download, edit tables and events. Make backups and restore them.

Life Is Feudal Server Hosting

BlackBoxServers.Net is the Official Server Partner for Life is Feudal publisher and developer BitBox Games and the Number One Provider of choice to over 90 % of community hosted servers. Instant Server Setup

Empyrion Server Hosting

Main Partner and Server Provider for Empyrion Community Server Hosting. Enjoy Full Server Customization with

  • Full FTP Access
  • Easy to use control panel


Rust Server Hosting

Hosting a Rust Server never been easier. Enjoy powerful control panel with one click install Oxide mods and Plugins. Offsite free World Backup and Restore, Elite Server Performance and Optimization for best gaming experience.


Reign Of Kings Server Hosting

Be he king and rule your lands with Community Server Today. enjoy Powerful Control Panel and server customization and mod support with easy few configuration of drop down menus.

Unturned Server Hosting

Unturned is a sandbox game in the multiplayer survival genre. Survive the zombie infestation with your friends! Over the course of a typical adventure you'll fortify a base, scavenge for supplies, live off the land and negotiate with other players.