Conan Exiles Server Hosting

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Conan Exiles Full Release Server

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Why Choose Our Conan Exiles Server Hosting?

All Multipliers Included

We have included all of the multipliers so you can customize your server exactly how you want it.

Free Admin Tools

Teleport around the map and spawn building materials, animals, weapons and much more.

Steam Update Button

If an update comes out, you can simply click the Steam update button to have your server checked and updated.

Off-Site Backup System

We make offsite backups, 7 days of backups are stored at all times, your data is SAFE with us.

Full Customization and Control

We fully support Steam mod Workshop even custom modifications.

All Config Files

Easy to use interface for changing the configuration files and every single option is painstakingly added for your ease of use.

Our Conan Exiles Server Hosting  offers a 24/7 online dedicated ‘Conan Exiles’ server that can be upgraded and downgraded at will depending on your community size and growth. Your server will be hosted on Intel’s Xeon technology giving you the best possible online experience. We have servers in Europe and the US and you server will be automatically put in the correct location closest to you for the best possible ping.

You are a recluse, exiled and oppressed, condemned to walk in a savage no man's land where the feeble are destroyed and only the strong can survive. For you to live you must fight, create and rule the world alone on your personal server or with allies and enemies in online multiplayer.

Travel through an endless, consistent world filled with the remnants of past civilizations and discover its secrets and dark past in your bid to conquer and personally rule the exiled land.  Begin with only your bare hands and carve out a legacy for your tribe, from simple war weapons and tools to big fortresses and cities. Command the bandits of the exiled land to do your wish by breaking them on the difficult wheel of pain. In order to acquire real glory and power, present the hearts of your enemies as sacrifices on the altar of your god.  Call on the grand symbol of your god and see them destroy your foes and make their homes desolate.

Always bear in mind: In this merciless place that is known for wrathful gods, ruthless barbarians, and horrendous beasts, survival goes beyond finding water and food. Search through the ruins for treasure and knowledge, but be cautious of the risk of the world’s dark forces corrupting your mind. Cross immeasurable sand rises and look for safe havens in scouring sand storms blowing over the hot sands. Go into battle and unleash savage mayhem on your enemies. If you go into battle unprepared you will surely die.


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It is the passion for performance and quality for the game experience which sets us apart from the others. We are hardcore gamers ourselves with over 15 years of expertise in the industry. We provide our services as if we are creating our own to play on and enjoy the games we love, and this is why we try our best to provide you with the most flexible and accessible server customization so you can feel home playing on your game server.

We have been waiting for so long for Conan Exiles to be released we wanted to put our hands on it, and thanks to the awesome developers, we were able to get into action before the game was released on steam and have such understanding on how the game mechanics work.

This, in turn, helped us design the best suitable control panel for the game server with tons of customization and full control. With top notch dedicated machines, we can provide you with the best experience the game currently can offer.