Metal Gear Survive Hosting

Coming soon, expected Q1 2018


Metal Gear Survive hosting coming early 2018

Be sure to check back early 2018 for hosting needs

Three Incredible Reasons To Choose Our Metal Gear Survive Hosting

Offsite Backup System

We backup your server every time you stop or restart it. Our intelligent scripts zip up all of your important files and upload them in an instant to our offsite backup server.

Schedule Everything

You can schedule everything, Rcon commands sent to your Metal Gear Survive server including our exclusive messaging system, restarts, Steam updates and much more.

Instant Automated Setup

Our control panel will create your server instantly so you can be playing right away. You can log in straight away in our client area.

Please check back nearer to the release date of early 2018 for all your hosting needs

A Little About Metal Gear Survive's History

Metal Gear Survive; taking place from the last instalment of the metal gear solid games, the city is met with a wormhole that has devoured all surroundings and remaining henchman soldiers. all civilisation has been sucked into a portal taking them to the alternate universe facing them with foul, undead zombie-like "creatures." The only way of survival is to scour the environment for resources to survive.


The zombie-like mutants roaming the surroundings known as "creatures" over populate the lands of Metal Gear Survive, this gives players more of a challenge to survive without fatalities. Metal Gear Survive gives you the freedom to play the game with a more stealth role, being how large the map is, this gives players the chance to dodge and avoid interaction with the creatures. For those wanting to make use of the multiplayer function, you’ll be able to use each other as a distraction, allowing one teammate to cause diversions and decoys whilst the remaining squad escape from danger.


Another great feature with Metal Gear Survive is the ability to use your environmental surroundings to your advantage when it comes to combat. Combining a stick and a knife in craft mode will enable you to craft a makeshift spear; giving you the opportunity to create weapons from everyday objects. Always make use of your surroundings and environment the key to this game is Survival!

Easy To Use Control Panel

Easy to use CP for beginners and advanced users.

24 Hour Support

Our support is always online so you can easily get help.

No quibble refund.

Not satisfied? We will refund you in this unlikely event.

Check Out Our Metal Gear Survive Control Panel Video

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Frequently Asked Pre-Sales Questions

Instant Automated Setup On All Metal Gear Survive Servers

Coming in Q1 2018