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Arma 3 is one of those games where you can find a mod you like. There's something out there for everyone. Exile is a great choice, possibly the best, for those of us who enjoy survival genre games, but don't necessarily want to fork over another $20 to try one out. The mod is free, of course, and it's pretty well developed for only being out a few months.

The focus of Exile is to survive, do missions, earn respect (exp), and perhaps build a base if you feel like it. The mod has a built in economy of sorts, where the items you gather out in the world can be sold for pop can tabs, the mod's currency. Different servers will have different values for items, for instance, some servers I've been on have placed high values on sniper rifles and machine guns. Others just leave the values at the default setting, which can be pretty low for some things.

Making tabs is pretty easy. Almost every building on the server's map will contain loot in some form or another. Military bases tend to have more weapons and gear, stores and houses often contain pistols and food, while construction sites or industrial locations are ripe with building materials for your base. Load the items into your inventory and/or your vehicle, head to the nearest trading post, and sell for a profit. Rinse and repeat.

If you don't feel like traveling around a lot to find loot, you can always do missions. They require you to clear an area of hostile AI troops, and if you do so, a loot crate spawns. Missions will often have different rewards, some just award food-like things whilst others may provide you with a bunch of high value explosives or weapons. Keep in mind, the AI is really, really good. I'm constantly seeing the AI troops kill players over 600m away, though I think the longest I've seen was a 800+ meter kill. I'm almost certain other players could attest to longer range deaths.

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