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Counter Strike 1.6 Server Hosting

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Why Choose Our Counter Strike 1.6 Server Hosting?

All Multipliers Included

We have included all of the multipliers so you can customize your server exactly how you want it.

Free Admin Tools

Teleport around the map and spawn building materials, animals, weapons and much more.

Steam Update Button

If an update comes out, you can simply click the Steam update button to have your server checked and updated.

Off-Site Backup System

We make offsite backups, 7 days of backups are stored at all times, your data is SAFE with us.

Full Customization and Control

We fully support Steam mod Workshop even custom modifications.

All Config Files

Easy to use interface for changing the configuration files and every single option is painstakingly added for your ease of use.

Counter-Strike 1.6 is the turning point in gaming. Some would say if it wasn't for Counter-Strike 1.6 that the esports scene as we know it wouldn't be as big as it is now.

Counter-Strike 1.6 is a game of different game modes. The most popular is defuse, where a team of terrorists has to plant a C4 bomb at one of two designated bomb sites. The counter-terrorists have to make sure this doesn't happen either by eliminating all of the other team of by defusing the bomb once it's been planted.

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Our Counter-Strike 1.6 Server Hosting Features:

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    • Official Server Provider
    • Full FTP Access
    • Easy to use control panel
    • Lag Free Hosting
    • Upload dll files.
    • Full tellnet access


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