Scum Update: What’s New in the Latest Patch

Scum Update: What’s New in the Latest Patch

Overview of Scum Update

The latest patch for the popular survival game Scum rolls out some exciting new additions. If you’ve been itching to try out different weapons or change up your character’s style, update delivers.

New weapons

This update brings several new firearms to the island, including the IWI Tavor assault rifle, Colt M4A1 carbine, and H&K MP5 submachine gun. Each comes with its own strengths, so you’ll want to try them all out to find your favorite. The devs have also added the Makarov PM pistol and RGD-5 grenade for extra firepower.

Additional clothing

Tired of your character wearing the same old dirty clothes? You’re in luck. Update adds new pants, shirts, jackets, hats, and more to customize your style. New camouflage clothing in particular, like the Gorka suits, will help you blend into the environment. And if you’re looking to intimidate other players, the balaclava mask should do the trick.

Refined gameplay

The devs made some useful tweaks to gameplay in this patch as well. They improved the recoil system to make firing weapons feel more realistic. The stamina system was also rebalanced, so sprinting long distances will now drain your stamina bar faster. Finally, a number of bugs were squashed to provide an overall smoother experience.

Whether you’re excited to try out the new weapons, change up your outfit, or just enjoy a refined version of the game, Scum has something for every player. Update your game and get out there - there’s exploring to do!

New Weapons Added in Latest Patch

The latest update for Scum brings some exciting new gear for you to get your hands on.

New Firearms Added

Two new weapons have been added to the game: the MK18 rifle and the M24 sniper rifle. The MK18 is a carbine version of the M4A1, perfect for close-quarters combat. The M24 is a bolt-action sniper rifle used by the US Army, ideal for long-range takedowns.

  • MK18: This 5.56x45mm NATO assault rifle has a shorter barrel, collapsible stock, and accessory rail for attachments like scopes and grips. Great for combat in confined areas where longer rifles would be awkward.
  • M24: This 7.62x51mm sniper rifle is highly accurate at longer ranges. The bolt-action firing means you have to manually chamber each round, but with a skilled marksman behind the trigger, this weapon is lethal from afar.

Two new high-powered scopes have also been added so you can take full advantage of these firearms. The ACOG scope provides 4x magnification for precision aiming, while the long-range scope offers variable 3-12x zoom for sniping over great distances.

With these additions, you now have more options to customize your armory to suit different combat scenarios. Whether you prefer to engage enemies at close range or pick them off from afar, the latest patch has you covered with some impressive new firepower. Happy hunting!

New Clothing and Character Customization Options

The latest Scum patch adds new clothing and character customization options so you can style your character however you like.

New Outfits and Clothing

  • Several new outfit sets have been added, including camouflage ghillie suits, prisoner jumpsuits, and military gear.
  • New individual clothing items include different styles of pants, shirts, jackets, hats, gloves, and shoes. Mix and match to create your own unique look.

More Character Customization

  • Additional hairstyles, facial hair options, tattoos, and scars allow you to customize your character’s appearance. Choose from buzz cuts, mohawks, handlebar mustaches, and more.
  • New skin tones provide more diversity and inclusiveness. You can now choose from a variety of skin tones to match your own or create a unique character.

Weapon Skins

  • Customize your weapons to match your outfit with new weapon skins. Options include camouflage, woodland, and metallic finishes for a variety of firearms.
  • Weapon charms like fuzzy dice, crow feathers, and shark teeth can now be attached to your weapon for extra custom flair.

The new clothing, character customization items, and weapon skins in Scum give players more options to style their character and gear however they like. Create a tactical spec ops soldier, a rough-and-tumble biker, or anything in between. How will you customize your character?

Gameplay Improvements and Refinements

The latest Scum patch brings some welcome changes to weapons, clothing, and gameplay.

New Weapons

Two new firearms have been added: the MK 18 Mod 1 carbine and the HK416 assault rifle. Both are 5.56mm caliber rifles useful for mid- to long-range combat. Several melee weapons were also introduced, including the hatchet, machete, and bayonet.

Additional Clothing

You now have more options to customize your character’s look. New clothing items include tank tops, t-shirts, hoodies, cargo pants, and camouflage jackets and pants in a variety of colors and camo patterns. Female characters also get new underwear, shirts, and pants options. Staying warm and hidden are important parts of survival, so extra clothing choices are always appreciated.

Gameplay Improvements

A few refinements have been made to improve the overall gameplay experience. The stamina system has been rebalanced to reduce stamina drain from actions like jumping, vaulting, and melee attacks. Food and water indicators now display as bars instead of percentages, making them easier to monitor. The minimap can now be expanded to show a larger area around your character. Several bug fixes and optimizations were also included in this patch to reduce lag and improve performance.

The Scum development team works hard to continuously enhance the game and incorporate community feedback. The additions in patch address some of the requests from players to expand customization options, add new weapons, and refine mechanics to create an even better sandbox survival experience. More updates are sure to come, so keep an eye out for the next patch notes.

Additional Fixes and Changes in Scum

The latest Scum update also includes some additional fixes and changes to refine the overall gameplay experience.

UI Improvements

The user interface has been improved in several areas. The inventory and storage screens now have collapsible categories to make items easier to find. New animations have also been added when accessing storage, and icons for many items have been updated.

Vehicle Improvements

Driving physics have been tweaked to feel more realistic. Entering and exiting vehicles is now smoother, and collision damage has been improved. New vehicle sounds have also been added, including different engine noises based on RPM.

Quality of Life Changes

Many minor changes have been made to enhance the overall gameplay. The stamina drain from actions like running, swimming and melee attacks has been decreased. Weather effects have been optimized to improve performance. Traders now sell a more diverse range of items, including new clothing and tools. The chance of food poisoning from raw or burnt meat has also been reduced.

Bug Fixes

As with any update, Scum aims to address bugs and glitches. Over 50 fixes have been implemented, including resolving issues with steam audio, improving animal AI pathfinding, and fixing clipping problems with several in-game models. Multiplayer connectivity and synchronization have also been improved in this patch.

This update brings a lot of welcome changes and additions to Scum. The dev team continues to improve all areas of the game to create the best survival experience possible. Keep an eye out for more updates in the coming months!

What to expect in the next Scum update

The next update for Scum, patch, is going to bring some exciting new content for players. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect in the upcoming patch:

New Weapons

Developers have hinted at adding a few new firearms like the FN FAL battle rifle and the H&K MP5 submachine gun. These weapons will provide players more options for mid- to long-range and short-range combat.

Additional Clothing

To outfit your character, the patch will likely include some new clothing items like tactical gear, hiking boots, and camouflage outfits. These new threads will help you blend into different environments and terrains on the island. Some clothing may even provide stat boosts for survival skills.

Gameplay Improvements

Patches typically contain optimizations and refinements to improve the overall gameplay experience. We may see enhancements to the metabolism and stamina systems, additional crafting recipes, UI upgrades, and bug fixes. The developers are always working to balance gameplay and make Scum as realistic and challenging as possible.

Base Building Additions

The dev team has hinted that new fortification options, traps, and base parts are on the way. Players will likely get more tools to help build secure bases and defend territory from intruders. Base building is an important part of establishing a presence on the island, so new additions are welcomed.

The next patch for Scum looks very promising with new weapons, clothing, gameplay refinements, and base building content in the works. Players have a lot to look forward to in the coming update to help enhance the survival experience on the island. Stay tuned to the official Scum channels for announcements about the release date and full patch notes.


So there you have it, the latest goodies now available in Scum. The devs have been busy adding more ways to gear up, more ways to survive, and more ways to take down your enemies. Whether you prefer stealth kills with a bow and arrow or going in guns blazing, this update has something for every playstyle. The new clothing options let you create a look that matches your gameplay too. Overall, Scum brings a ton of new content that should keep players exploring the island and trying out different strategies. Time to drop back into Scum and check out all these new weapons, clothes, and gameplay tweaks. Happy surviving! Remember You can rent Scum server hosting from us.