Dead Water Arrives: Scum’s Latest Free Update

Dead Water Arrives: Scum’s Latest Free Update

You’ve been waiting for this moment for months - Dead Water has finally arrived in Scum! The latest free content update is here, survivors, and it’s going to change the way you experience the island. Forget everything you thought you knew about the game, because Dead Water brings an entirely new biome, new locations to explore, dangerous environmental hazards to avoid, advanced crafting materials to collect, and so much more. This update is the biggest one yet, proving once again that Scum’s developers are committed to constantly improving the game and giving players fresh challenges and rewards. The wait is over - it’s time to dive into Dead Water! Adventure, danger, and mystery await in Scum’s darkest depths.

Overview of Scum's New Dead Water Update

The latest free update for Scum, the open-world survival game set on a prison island, is here - and it's a doozy! Dead Water adds a massive new area to explore: a huge flooded town at the bottom of a dam. Gear up your wetsuit and oxygen tanks, because there are treasures to find in the murky depths!

This subaquatic city is chock-full of loot for the taking, if you can get past the hazardous conditions. Watch out for crumbling buildings, rusty metal, and other dangers that can ensnare careless divers. The ominous atmosphere down there will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Of course, you'll need to be on the lookout for other players. The PvP zone has been expanded to include the sunken town, so stay alert in case rival squads show up looking to cause trouble. But with the right team at your side, you'll be able to fend off enemies and claim the best gear.

Dead Water also adds new underwater gameplay mechanics like swimming, diving, and searching through submerged structures. Additional weapons, equipment, and other useful items have been included to give players an edge in this unforgiving new environment.

This massive content update is free for all Scum players. If you're looking for a thrilling new challenge in one of the most popular survival games on the market, dive into the Dead Water update today! The treasures of the deep are calling - do you have what it takes to find them?

Exploring the Flooded World in Dead Water

The latest Dead Water update for Scum is an absolute game changer. Get ready to explore the post-apocalyptic world like never before!

Underwater adventures await

With large parts of the map now flooded, you have access to mysterious underwater locations. Who knows what long lost secrets or useful supplies you might discover deep below the surface? Grab your snorkel and fins and get searching! The new diving mechanics let you swim gracefully through the water, opening up a whole new dimension of gameplay.

Revamped locations

Many familiar areas have been transformed after the floods. Navigate the submerged roads and buildings of the abandoned towns, or visit the coastal villages and see how they’ve changed. Some places can now only be accessed by boat or swimming, so team up with friends to reach new islands and checkpoints. The devs have really outdone themselves with stunning new visuals and effects for the flooded landscape.

More PvP action

The increased focus on aquatic travel and exploration creates lots of opportunities for surprise PvP encounters. You never know who might emerge from the depths or come paddling around the corner! This amplifies the tension and unpredictability that Scum is known for. Get ready for thrilling chase scenes, boat battles and undersea combat.

Dead Water is a hugely ambitious update that fundamentally alters the Scum experience in exciting ways. Dive in now and be one of the first to uncover the mysteries waiting beneath the surface! The flooded world awaits - see you out there!

New Gameplay Mechanics Introduced in the Update

The Dead Water update introduces some exciting new gameplay mechanics that are sure to freshen up your experience in Scum. Prepare to dive in and make a splash!

Swimming and Diving

You can now take a dip in the lakes and rivers of Scum Island! Press ‘V’ to start swimming, then use ‘WASD’ to move around. Take a deep breath and plunge underwater by holding left-shift - your oxygen meter will appear, so be sure to come up for air before it runs out! Who knows what loot or secrets you may find hidden in the depths. Just watch out for any unfriendly creatures lurking below the surface.

New Vehicles

Feeling landlocked? No problem - hop in one of the new aquatic vehicles! Cruise the waters in a motorboat or get around in style on a jet ski. You can find these seaworthy rides at docks and marinas throughout the island. Fill ‘er up with gas and you’re ready to set sail! Whether you’re conducting an amphibious assault on an enemy base or just enjoying a fun joyride, transportation has never been so refreshing.


If swimming works up your appetite, try your hand at fishing! Find a fishing pole or net and scout a nice spot along the shore or on a dock. When you get a bite, reel it in to claim your prize. Cook up your catch over a fire or save it for later - the options are endless. With over 15 species of fish swimming in the waters of Scum Island, you’ll never get bored of this relaxing new pastime.

Between diving for loot, cruising the open waters, and reeling in tonight’s dinner, the Dead Water update has everything you need for an adventure-filled getaway. Dive in today and experience Scum like never before! The tides of fun are rolling in, so don't miss the boat - drop into Dead Water now!

Exciting New Items Added in Dead Water

The Dead Water update brings some thrilling new gear and equipment to help you survive and thrive. Check out these exciting additions!

New Weapons

Defend yourself against the undead and hostile players with an arsenal of new firearms. The IZH 18 double-barreled shotgun packs a punch at close range. For long-distance kills, the VSS Vintorez silenced sniper rifle features an integrated suppressor to keep you stealthy. And the MP5 submachine gun provides fully automatic firepower for any combat situation.

Improved Base Building

Reinforce your base with new fortification options like concrete walls, gates, and watchtowers. The watchtowers provide an elevated vantage point to spot intruders. Place spotlights, generators, and other equipment on the rooftops of buildings. You can now build underground bases too, for an extra layer of protection!

Motorized Transport

Getting around the map just got easier with the addition of new vehicles. Cruise the highways in a GAZ 24 Volga sedan or feel like Mad Max in a ZIL 130 truck. For off-road adventures, the UAZ 452 van can tackle any terrain. Hotwire abandoned vehicles you find or craft your own ride from scratch by combining parts from different models. Fuel them up and hit the open road!

Enhanced Character Customization

Create a unique character to represent you in the world of Scum. Choose from a variety of new hairstyles, facial hair, tattoos, and scars to customize your look. Pick different outfits and color schemes to match your personal style. Your character can now gesture, point, wave, and interact with other players in new ways for an even more immersive experience.

The Dead Water update has something for all players. Whether you prefer battling zombies, building an impenetrable fortress, cruising the highways, or creating a stylish character, the latest additions to Scum will keep you entertained for hours. Now get out there and survive the apocalypse in style!

Tips for Surviving the Flooded Islands

The latest free Scum update brings dangerous flooded islands to the archipelago. While the new terrain adds challenge, it also brings opportunity. Here are some tips to help you survive and thrive in the Dead Water.

Find High Ground

Seek out hills, cliffs and rocky areas as soon as you spawn in. The lower lying land will likely be submerged, so get to higher elevation right away. Set up your starter base on the highest ground you can find.

Build a Raft

Craft a raft as quickly as possible to navigate the flooded islands. You'll need buoyant materials like wood planks, rope and empty barrels. A raft will allow you to explore the archipelago and find more resources and loot. Watch out for obstacles like trees and rocks under the surface though!

Learn to Swim

Your character's swimming skill will become crucial for survival. Practice swimming whenever you can to increase your skill level. The higher your skill, the longer you can stay underwater without drowning. Look for opportunities to go for a swim, even if just for a few minutes. Every bit helps.

Scavenge Underwater

Don some goggles or a diving mask and see what loot you can find under the surface. Shipwrecks, abandoned bases and other structures may contain valuable resources and gear. Be very careful, as your oxygen will deplete quickly. Only stay underwater as long as you safely can before coming up for air.

Trade With Neighbors

If other players have set up bases near you, consider trading goods and forming alliances. Work together to gather resources, build defenses and thrive in this harsh new environment. Helping each other survive the flooded islands will benefit everyone.

The new challenges in Dead Water will push your survival skills to the limit. Following these tips and staying determined and vigilant will help ensure you make it out alive! Good luck, and watch your step—you never know how deep the water may be!


The latest update for Scum is here, survivors, and it looks incredible! Dead Water brings the massive open world to life like never before. New locations to explore, dangerous threats to overcome, and valuable loot to find - this update has it all. The future looks bright for Scum and its dedicated community. Keep surviving, keep fighting, and keep exploring the depths of this unforgiving island. The team at Gamepires has outdone themselves once again. What are you waiting for? Dive into the Dead Water update today and experience Scum like you never have before. The island awaits! Remember you can rent Scum server hosting from us.