Scum and the City: Mega Update 469 Is Here

Scum and the City: Mega Update 469 Is Here

Get ready for the next big thing, survivor! The latest mega update is here - Scum and the City just got a whole lot scummier. You've been waiting for this, the mother of all updates, and now it's finally arrived. Update 469 is going to rock your world. New locations, new quests, new loot, new everything! The devs have been hard at work cooking up something really special for all you hardcore Scum and the City fans. This update is bigger, badder, and better than anything that's come before. The city just got a whole lot more dangerous, but also a whole lot more rewarding. Fortune and glory await those brave enough to face the perils of the urban jungle. What are you waiting for? Update now and dive into the mayhem. Scum and the City just leveled up in a huge way. The future is here, survivor, so get in there and forge your destiny! This is the update to end all updates.

New Neighborhoods Added in Mega Update 469

The latest mega update is here and it's a doozy! Four entire new neighborhoods have been added to the city, each with its own distinct flavor.

First up, we have the Arts District, a hip area filled with craft breweries, art galleries, and live music venues. You'll want to check out the open mic nights at The Velvet Lounge and don't miss the latest exhibit at the Contemporary Art Museum.

If you're more of an outdoorsy type, head to the new Eco-Village neighborhood. This eco-friendly paradise has bike trails, community gardens, and the massive Evergreen Park - perfect for a picnic or game of frisbee golf. The houses here are all solar-powered and made from sustainable materials.

Feeling posh? The recently added Hills neighborhood is for you. Lavish mansions, upscale boutiques, and the ritziest restaurants in town line the streets. Indulge in a facial at the world-class spa or test drive the latest sports car at the auto showroom. Just make sure to dress to impress!

Finally, historic preservationists will swoon over the Victorian Village. Stroll down cobblestone lanes past beautifully preserved Queen Anne homes and shops. Stop by the museum to learn all about the area's rich history. With its old-world charm, you'll feel like you've stepped back in time.

The city just got a whole lot bigger and there's so much to experience. What are you waiting for? Go explore the new neighborhoods today! Adventure awaits!

Exciting New CAS and BB Items

The mega update is here, survivors, and the Central Arena Selection (CAS) and Black Market (BB) have some sweet new gear for you!

Exciting Weaponry

We've got new rifles, pistols, and melee weapons to discover in the CAS and BB. The VSS sniper rifle and MP5 submachine gun are now available for those stealth ops, and you melee masters will love the new hatchet and combat knife. Start collecting weapon parts to craft these tools of destruction!

Essential Survival Equipment

You'll need more than just weapons to make it in this city. Stock up on bandages, disinfectant, painkillers and other medical supplies at the CAS and BB to stay fighting fit. Don't forget essential gear like backpacks, tools, food, water and ammunition. The right equipment can mean the difference between life and death!

Stylish Apparel

Looking good while surviving the apocalypse has never been so important. Get your hands on sleek new outfits, shoes, helmets, and other clothing items to create the perfect post-apocalyptic ensemble. Mix and match different pieces to develop your own unique style. Hey, the end of the world doesn't have to mean the end of fashion!

This update is jam-packed with goodies, survivors. Now get out there, scavenge those resources, and show this city who rules the ruins! The future is ours for the taking if we're smart, strong, and ready to fight. Stay alive out there!

Gameplay Improvements and Bug Fixes

The latest mega update is here, and it’s jam-packed with gameplay improvements and bug fixes to make surviving the zombie apocalypse even more fun!

Inventory Management Overhaul

Carrying around tons of supplies just got easier. The inventory screen now has sorting options so you can organize your gear alphabetically or by type. Stackable items like bandages, cans of food, and ammo pile up neatly to save space. No more scrolling for days to find what you need!

New Crafting Recipes

Who doesn’t love crafting new gear? This update adds recipes to create a handful of useful items like rain collectors, rabbit traps, fishing nets, and camouflage clothing. Start tinkering and outfit yourself for long-term survival in style.

Base Building Bonanza

Constructing your home base just got twice as fun. There are new wall types, floors, decorations, and interactive parts like toggle lights, automatic doors, and powered generators. Get creative with all the possibilities!

Smoother Gameplay

Exploring the city is now more seamless thanks to optimizations that reduce lag and increase frame rates. Traversing the map, entering and exiting buildings, driving vehicles, and combat encounters should feel more responsive. Fewer hitches mean fewer deaths by zombies sneaking up from behind!

Miscellaneous Mends

As with any update, minor bugs and issues were eradicated. Things like quest markers not displaying properly, zombies clipping through walls, and weird vehicle physics were patched up. The overall experience should feel more polished and consistent.

This update has something for all playstyles. Whether you prefer crafting, building, scavenging, or combat, the improvements will make your time in the city more enjoyable and immersive. Dive in today and experience Scum and the City like never before! The zombies are waiting...

Create Unique Sims With New Customization Options

The latest Mega Update for Scum and the City is here, and it's packed with new ways to customize your Sims! Update 469 adds tons of new hair, makeup, and clothing options so you can create Sims that are truly one-of-a-kind.

New Hair and Makeup

This update introduces 24 new hairstyles, including stylish undercuts, vibrant dye jobs, and glamorous updos perfect for a night out on the town. There are also 12 new makeup looks ranging from subtle daytime eyeshadow to dramatic cat eyes and everything in between. Your Sims have never looked so good!

Trendy New Outfits

Mega Update 469 features 36 articles of new clothing in the latest styles. Deck your Sims out in chic off-the-shoulder tops, stylish jumpsuits, dapper suits, and more. There are lots of options for every style and occasion.

Additional Customization

In addition to new hair, makeup and clothes, this update gives you more ways to customize your Sims. You can now choose from 42 new glasses and sunglasses frames to complete any look. There are also 18 new tattoos and 6 new piercings to adorn your Sims.

With all these new customization choices, you'll have a blast creating unique Sims that reflect your personal style. Mega Update 469 for Scum and the City is the biggest update yet, giving you more options than ever before to design Sims that truly stand out in the city. Get the update now and start creating your new favorite Sim!

Mega Update 469 Brings Long-Awaited Features

Mega Update 469 is finally here, survivors, and it’s loaded with awesome new features we’ve been dying to get our hands on! This massive update brings some long-awaited improvements to gameplay that are going to make surviving in the city so much more exciting.

New Weapons and Gear

We have 3 new firearms and 2 fresh melee weapons to wield against the infected hordes. The rifles have different damage, accuracy and ammo stats so you can find the perfect fit for your playstyle. Don’t forget to grab the new tactical gear with extra pockets for more supplies and a sleek new look.

Vehicle Customization

Trick out your ride at the new vehicle customization station. Add armor plating for extra protection, a cow catcher grille to mow down zombies, or a turbo engine for blazing fast getaways. The options for customizing the look of your vehicle are endless! Give your friends a thrill when you roll up in your pimped out monster truck.

Stealth System

For players who prefer a stealthier approach, the new stealth system lets you sneak past enemies undetected. Crouch to reduce your noise, stick to shadows and use stealth kills to take down zombies quietly. The stealthier you are, the more XP you’ll earn. See if you can make it through an entire zone without triggering an alarm!

And More!

  • New zombie types with dangerous mutations
  • Additional survivor shelters and safe zones
  • Extended story missions and side quests
  • Performance improvements for faster, smoother gameplay

Mega Update 469 has something for every Scum and the City player. Download it now and experience the city like never before. The infected hordes won’t know what hit them! Let the looting, shooting and vehicular zombie destruction begin!


The wait is finally over, survivors. After months of anticipation, Mega Update 469 has arrived and it’s jam-packed with new adventures, mysteries, and dangers to discover in Scum and the City. The future remains uncertain in this post-apocalyptic paradise but one thing is for sure - the journey continues and there are more stories to unfold. So sharpen your knives, load your guns, and strap on your gas masks, it’s time to dive back in. The city may be lawless but together we’ll make our own rules to survive and thrive. Stay alert out there, you never know what’s lurking around the corner. The next evolution of the wasteland is here so get ready to rule the ruins once again! This is just the beginning, survivors. The best is yet to come.  remember you can rent scum server hosting from us