Scum: Everything You Need to Know About the New Hells Kitchen Map Update

Scum: Everything You Need to Know About the New Hells Kitchen Map Update

You’ve been waiting for this moment for months, survivalists—the massive Hells Kitchen map expansion is finally here! The latest Scum update opens up a huge new area south of the airfield, and it’s chock full of dense urban terrain, treacherous rooftops, and secrets waiting to be uncovered. This is the update you’ve been dreaming of, packed with new POIs, loot, and mysteries that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The decaying skyscrapers and abandoned apartments of Hells Kitchen are now yours to explore. What will you find around every corner of this concrete jungle? Only one way to find out—dive into the update today and experience the thrilling new chapter of Scum for yourself! The infected and insane may lurk behind every door, but the rewards of exploration are worth the risk. Fortune and glory await the brave in Hells Kitchen!

Introducing the New Hells Kitchen Map in Scum

Introducing the New Hells Kitchen Map in Scum

Have you heard the exciting news, survivors? The latest update for Scum includes a brand new location to explore - Hells Kitchen! This dangerous region is filled with surprises around every corner and resources for the taking. Gear up and get ready to experience all the thrills of Hells Kitchen.

This unforgiving wasteland covers a huge 12 square kilometers, making it the largest map in Scum so far. You'll find dense forests, treacherous mountain ranges, and a massive lake - the perfect environments for ambushes and epic firefights. But with greater risk comes greater reward. Hells Kitchen is chock full of loot, just waiting to be discovered in the hidden underground tunnels and military installations.

Transportation in Hells Kitchen is key. You'll want to craft vehicles like the pickup truck or motorcycle to traverse the long distances between points of interest. Or for a stealthier approach, travel on foot through the brush. Just watch out for snipers!

No Scum update would be complete without dangerous new creatures, and Hells Kitchen delivers. Encounter ruthless outlaws, mutated beasts, and even rumors of supernatural entities in the dead of night. But the greatest threat may be other players competing to dominate this lawless badland.

Ready to test your survival skills in the ultimate battleground? Drop into Hells Kitchen, scavenge what you can, and fight to be the last one standing. This uncharted territory is Scum at its most thrilling, and the rewards of conquest have never been greater! Charge into the fray - your destiny awaits in Hells Kitchen!

Key Features of the Hells Kitchen Map

The highly anticipated Hells Kitchen map expansion is finally here, and it’s packed with exciting new features! This massive update brings the map to a whopping 400 square kilometers, making it the biggest one yet. Gear up, grab your squad, and let’s explore all this urban jungle has to offer.

Expanded Cityscape

The sprawling city has doubled in size, with towering skyscrapers, abandoned factories, and crumbling tenements around every corner. There are endless places to loot, secrets to uncover, and spots for epic firefights. The decaying subway system is an entire game mode in itself!

New Weapons and Vehicles

What’s an update without new ways to reign terror on your enemies? This one delivers with the M4A1 assault rifle, Deagle handgun, and RPG rocket launcher. For quick getaways, hop in the muscle car, quad bike or attack helicopter - just try not to crash them!

Underground Fight Club

If you’re looking for trouble, head to the sewers where an illegal fighting pit hosts brutal hand-to-hand combat. Place your bets, step into the cage, and try to be the last one standing! Fair warning: things tend to get messy.

Zombie Horde Mode

As if Hells Kitchen wasn’t frightening enough, now the undead roam the streets! In this heart-pounding new mode, you and your crew must barricade a building to survive against waves of zombies. Fortify, scavenge for supplies, and most importantly, don’t become zombie chow!

With all these amazing additions, the Hells Kitchen map expansion is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Stay sharp out there, survivors - this city will eat you alive if you’re not careful! Now gear up and get in on the action!

Important Changes and Additions in the Latest Update

The latest update for Scum brings some exciting changes to the Hells Kitchen map, adding new locations to explore and loot. Gear up and get ready to dive in!

New Underground Bunker

A massive underground bunker has been discovered in the west region, full of useful supplies. You'll have to search the area to find the hidden entrance - once inside, be very careful, as the bunker corridors can be a maze. But the rewards of food, weapons and building materials make it worth the risk!

Abandoned Factory

In the industrial area, an old factory has been opened up for scavenging. Rumor has it the factory was involved in shady genetic experimentation before the apocalypse. Who knows what strange discoveries await inside... This creepy new POI is guaranteed to get your heart racing as you explore the dark, ominous halls.

Security Checkpoints

To monitor traffic in and out of Hells Kitchen, the military set up security checkpoints across main roads. These checkpoints now stand abandoned, but may still contain weapons, ammo and other useful gear in the guard posts and barriers. Watch out for any remaining mines or traps as you search the area.

New Vehicles

Roaming the map are new vehicle spawns, including rare armored military trucks. If you're lucky enough to stumble upon one of these, you'll gain a serious advantage over other players with the mounted machine gun. But be prepared to fiercely defend your new ride!

With so many new and exciting discoveries in the latest Hells Kitchen update, what are you waiting for? Get in game and start exploring now! Let the looting and adventure begin. Good luck out there, survivor!

Tips and Strategies for Surviving on the New Map

Tips and Strategies for Surviving on the New Map

You've loaded into the game and spawned in on the brand new Hells Kitchen map—now what? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Here are some pro tips to help you survive and thrive in this unforgiving urban jungle.

First things first, find a melee weapon ASAP. Guns are loud and will attract unwanted attention. A baseball bat, crowbar, or knife will allow you to quietly take out zombies and other players without making a racket.

Loot everything you can—you never know what might come in handy! Raid stores, apartments, and any other buildings you come across. Stock up on food, water, medical supplies, tools, and anything else that could help you survive. You'll want to horde as much as possible in your base.

Speaking of bases, securing a safe shelter is key. Look for apartment buildings, warehouses, or stores that have few entry points. Board up windows and doors, set up traps, and barricade any other access points. Your base is your lifeline, so defend it at all costs!

Make allies whenever possible. Team up with other players to watch each other's backs, help gather resources, build bases, and take down enemies. Just be very wary of betrayal—not everyone can be trusted! Strength in numbers, but choose your comrades wisely.

Finally, never stay in one place for too long. Continuously move around the map to loot new areas, set up small safehouses, and avoid other players who may be hunting you. The more you explore, the more of an advantage you'll have over others just starting out. You'll find the best loot and learn the layout of the streets to make a quick getaway if needed!

Following these tips will ensure you survive the perils of Hells Kitchen. Stay alert, trust no one, and be ready to fight for your life! The new urban jungle awaits, so get out there and show them what you're made of!

Our Review of Scum's Hells Kitchen Map Update

Our Review of Scum's Hells Kitchen Map Update

The latest update for Scum is finally here, and we're loving the massive new Hells Kitchen map! This sprawling urban area is packed with abandoned buildings to explore, secrets to uncover, and puppets to take down. Get ready to dive in!

You'll notice right away that Hells Kitchen feels very different from the forest and wilderness maps. The decaying high rises and alleyways of the city are the perfect place for close quarters combat and cat-and-mouse chasing. There are so many nooks and crannies where puppets could be lurking! We had a blast slowly clearing building by building, never knowing what might jump out at us next. The eerie atmosphere and sounds of the city at night seriously ramp up the tension.

The new map also adds a ton of loot locations. Department stores, restaurants, bars, laundromats - you name it, you can raid it! Stock up on food, meds, and ammo so you're ready to take on other players. Some of our favorite spots were the parking garages, since you can find vehicle parts and sometimes even whole vehicles! Driving around Hells Kitchen in style is a must.

Overall, the Hells Kitchen update exceeded our expectations. The massive map, spooky urban environment, and abundance of loot make it an ideal playground for Scum veterans and newbies alike. Developer Gamepires has really outdone themselves with this one. We'll be exploring the sinister streets of Hells Kitchen for days to come!


So there you have it, everything you need to know about the exciting new Scum map update. Get ready to explore the dangerous alleyways and rooftops of Hells Kitchen, scavenge for loot in new locations, and test your survival skills against formidable new environmental challenges. The urban jungle awaits you! What are you waiting for? Fire up your gaming rig, grab your friends, and dive into this gritty new world. Adventure, danger, and mystery lurk around every corner in this massive update. Experience the lawlessness of Hells Kitchen for yourself and see if you have what it takes to make it out alive. The future is unwritten, so get in there and make your mark on this unforgiving city's cape. Scum just got a whole lot more intense! remember you can rent scum game server from us