Behind the Scenes of Scum: An Exclusive Interview With the Developers

Behind the Scenes of Scum: An Exclusive Interview With the Developers

You've been surviving and struggling in the harsh, unforgiving world of SCUM for months now. The challenges never end in this intense survival game that has captivated players around the world. But have you ever wondered about the masterminds behind the game, the ones who developed it from the ground up? We went behind the scenes to talk with the creators of SCUM and get the inside scoop on the secrets of the game.

In an exclusive interview, the lead developers gave us a glimpse into the process of designing and building SCUM. They shared their vision for the future of the game and let us in on a few surprises coming down the pipeline. The team behind this thrilling survival game gave us an inside look at how they crafted the mechanics, optimized the gameplay, and developed the unique challenges that both frustrate and fulfill players.

Get ready to go behind the scenes of SCUM in this one-of-a-kind interview with the developers. You'll get insights straight from the source on their inspiration, challenges, future plans, and untold stories behind the game. The creators themselves reveal how SCUM came to life and share the passion behind this intense labor of love. Survival just got a whole lot more interesting! Dive in to get the scoop from the masters of SCUM.

Getting to know the developers behind Scum

The Visionaries Behind the Game

Have you ever wondered about the masterminds behind the thrilling multiplayer survival game Scum? We had the chance to chat with Tomislav Pongrac, CEO of developer Gamepires, and get the inside scoop on the creative geniuses shaping this innovative title.

Gamepires was founded in 2013 by four lifelong gamers with a shared dream of designing a hardcore open-world survival game. Their goal? Create an immersive virtual world where players struggle to endure, form tribes, and battle for supremacy. After years of blood, sweat and tears, their vision came to life with the Early Access release of Scum in 2018.

"Our team is passionate about simulating realistic survival scenarios and providing players with challenging gameplay that elicits an emotional response," says Pongrac. Every detail in Scum, from injury severity to metabolism, was painstakingly crafted to fully immerse players in the experience of fighting to stay alive in a dangerous environment.

The future is bright for Scum. Gamepires aims to expand the open world, adding new regions, weapons, vehicles and game modes in regular updates. "We want to keep improving key survival mechanics, increase difficulty and give players more freedom to shape the world around them," shares Pongrac. With a highly dedicated team, cutting-edge technology and a desire to push the boundaries of the survival genre, the sky's the limit for this up-and-coming title. The best is yet to come, so drop into the world of Scum and experience the vision of these creative game developers firsthand!

The Inspiration and Creation Process for Scum

The masterminds behind Scum have crafted a survival game like no other. Tomislav and Andrej, the creative directors at Gamepires, gave us an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how this gaming phenomenon came to life.

The Spark of Inspiration

Tomislav and Andrej were tired of the usual survival games and wanted to create something more realistic that emphasized skill over luck. They envisioned a hardcore survival experience where players shape their characters through knowledge and ability rather than just gear or leveling up.

Building the World

To achieve their vision, the team spent years developing advanced systems to govern everything from metabolism to environmental exposure. "We wanted players to feel truly immersed in the world and make meaningful decisions to survive," says Tomislav. The level of detail is mind-blowing, from simulating how much energy is used for each action to how nutrition is broken down in the body.

Constant Evolution

Though Scum has come a long way since early access, Tomislav and Andrej have big plans for the future. Upcoming features include vehicles, base building, diseases, and an advanced skill system. "We want to keep improving the game based on player feedback. Our community is essential in making Scum the ultimate survival experience," says Andrej.

With their incredible passion and dedication, it's no wonder Scum has become such a hit. The future is bright for this indie game studio and the gaming phenomenon they've created! We can't wait to see what Tomislav, Andrej, and the team at Gamepires will surprise us with next.

Developer Insights on Key Game Features and Mechanics

The SCUM developers have poured their hearts and souls into creating an unparalleled survival experience. They shared some behind-the-scenes insights into the key features that make SCUM like no other.

Crafting System

The deep crafting system was designed so that “players can create literally everything they need to survive” says lead developer Tomislav Pongrac. You have the freedom to forage for materials and fashion them into whatever tools or structures you desire. Want to build an epic base or forge weapons to defend yourself? The sky's the limit!


SCUM’s advanced metabolism simulation is truly one-of-a-kind. Track your character’s health in granular detail, monitoring vitamins, minerals, and everything in between. Staying fed and hydrated are crucial to survival. “We wanted players to feel truly invested in keeping their character alive and healthy,” says Pongrac.

Fighting and Weapons

SCUM’s combat system is dynamic and customizable. Employ a variety of weapons, melee and ranged, to dispatch your enemies and the infected creatures roaming the island. “We put a lot of work into making the shooting and fighting feel realistic and intense,” says lead gameplay designer Nikola Čavić. “Players will need to be strategic in how they approach combat situations.”

The developers are continuing to improve SCUM with regular updates. “We have big plans for new features on the horizon,” hints Pongrac. From vehicles and base-building upgrades to advanced medical systems, the future looks bright for this indie survival game. SCUM is a passion project for its creators at Gamepires, and that passion shines through in every aspect of the gameplay. This is only the beginning - the best adventures in SCUM are yet to come!

The Future Roadmap and Plans for Scum

The developers have big plans for the future of Scum. This early-access survival game is only just getting started!

Expanding the Map

The current 16x16 km map is just a small portion of the total world the developers envision. They plan to steadily increase the size of the playable area over the next few years, eventually reaching a massive 64x64 km map. This will open up more opportunities for exploration, establishing remote bases, and avoiding other players if you prefer a lone-wolf playstyle.

Adding More POIs

The developers want to create a dynamic world teeming with points of interest (POIs) like towns, military bases, hospitals, police stations, and farms. These new locations will be rich with resources to scavenge and loot, but also dangers to evade like zombies, mechs, and hostile players. Additional POIs make the environment feel more authentic and open up more options for interactions.

Improving Gameplay

The developers have lots of ideas for enhancing gameplay, such as advanced crafting, farming, cooking, fishing, and character customization systems. They plan to add more weapons, tools, clothes, and other gear. New game modes like PvP battle arena, horde mode, and team deathmatch are in the works. They even want to create pet companions and drivable vehicles!

Polishing the Experience

As an early access title, Scum still has some rough edges. The developers are committed to smoothing out technical issues, optimizing performance, rebalancing aspects like metabolism and stamina, improving the UI, adding quality of life features, and making the overall experience more intuitive and polished.

The future looks bright for Scum! The developers have ambitious visions that will take the game to the next level. Stay tuned for all the exciting new content, features, and improvements coming down the pipeline. The world of Scum is just going to keep getting bigger and better.

Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Stories and Secrets

The Scum developers were happy to share some behind-the-scenes stories and spill a few secrets about the making of the game.

Lots of Laughter

While developing Scum, the team had many lighthearted moments and inside jokes. According to the developers, “There were so many times we were crying with laughter while designing different parts of the game.” They tried to incorporate some of that humor and fun into the final product. See if you can find any of their Easter eggs hidden throughout the game!

Challenges and Changes

Creating a game of this scale is not without its difficulties. The devs faced many technical challenges, especially in the early stages of development. “We had to rewrite major parts of the game from scratch more than once,” they admitted. Their vision for the game also evolved over time based on feedback from players. “The game looks very different now compared to our initial concept. It really came together based on the community.”

The Future is Bright

The team has big plans for the future of Scum. “We want to keep improving the gameplay experience, adding new features like base building, vehicles, and a karma system.” They are also working on modding tools so players can create their own content. “Our goal is really to build a platform and see what the community creates.”

Parting Wisdom

For aspiring game developers, the Scum team offered this advice: “Start small, find a unique twist, build a prototype, get feedback, and iterate from there. Connecting with your players is the most important thing. Make the game you would want to play yourself!”

With its challenges, changes, and bits of humor, the story behind the scenes of Scum is as engaging as the game itself. The developers’ passion for the game and its community shines through in all their work. The future remains open-world, much like the game itself! We can’t wait to see what’s in store.


You now have an exclusive look into the world of Scum and the brilliant minds behind it. The passion and dedication of the development team is inspiring, their vision for the future of the game is ambitious and exciting. Every update brings new mysteries to unravel and adventures to experience in this ever-evolving world.

As players, we get to reap the rewards of all their hard work and creativity. But it’s important to appreciate the long hours, problem-solving, teamwork, and care that go into building a game like this. Scum represents the best of what can happen when talented people come together to make something fun and share it with others.

The next time you log in, take a moment to marvel at the depth and detail around you. A tremendous amount of time and effort went into crafting that world for you to get lost in. Then dive right back in, ready to survive and thrive against the odds, confident in the knowledge that more surprises await over the horizon. The future is unwritten, the story is yours to shape. Now get out there and show this island who’s boss! The developers have given you all the tools you need to forge your own destiny. remember you can buy Scum game server from black box .